The core belief of the MetabolicHealthProgram is that the over-consumption of fructose, simple sugars and refined carbohydrates has lead to a state of insulin resistance in a large subset of our Canadian population.

Through teaching patients how to decrease fructose, simple sugar and total daily carbohydrate intake, the MetabolicHealthProgram helps patients work toward recovery from the diseases of insulin resistance including type 2 diabetes and obesity.

MetabolicHealth Minute
(PDF Download)

1: Introduction

2: Recovering from "What the Hell"

3: Informed Consent

4: The Modern Low Carb, High Fat Dietary Pattern

5: Why we GOT fat

6: Carbohydrates Vs. Your Body

7: The Hormone-Obesity Hypothesis

8: Obesity and Addiction

9: Introduction to the MetabolicHealth Program Handbook

10: Your Prescription for a Healthy Weight

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